Monday, March 9, 2015

Scarves To The Rescue!

Hey lovelies!
Even though the sun has been our, London has been a bit chilly today There always seems to be a cold North wind blowing through, and it gets down your neck to leave you freezing. For those of you who have short hair or have to wear your hair up when it is breezy, it really does leave your neck exposed to the chilly air. If you have ever had any problems with your neck or shoulders, you know that getting cold right there can leave you achy and grumpy for days! Scarves or hoodies are a solution, so it’s time to have a look at what’s hot and what lets the cold in this spring.

Scarves are an absolute must, pretty much for nine months of the year in the UK if you have a short style or wear your hair up. The great things about wrapping something soft and squishy is that great hugging feeling it gives you as you snuggle down into it. It almost makes winter worthwhile even as a summer lover! Over the course of a UK year, you are going to need everything from the lightest silk scarf to jazz up that outfit, to the thickest and softest of wool when it is snowing.

There are times when you are dressing casually, and you just need to throw something on to head out for some milk from the corner shop. A snood is a great way to cover your neck, shoulders and the back of your head really quickly and easily. For a beautiful budget snood, you could check out this cute heart design from Dorothy Perkins, or even this pink crochet one from NewLook. For just a few pounds, you can find a really quick and easy solution to that five minute dash around the corner in the cold.

For a dressier scarf to help finish off that look, try a luxury silk or cashmere scarf from Rooi. You can find a beautiful range of colours and fabrics to match or clash as required. Finish off that outfit with a scarf accessory or use it to really make a statement and get yourself noticed. Silk and cashmere add that little something special to make you feel stylish and chic while you are braving another British winter.

There are also plenty of different ways to wear your scarf. If you have picked a beautiful, luxurious silk scarf to accessorise your outfit, you can tie it in many different ways. Use it to add shape to your neckline, or to define the collar of your outfit. Use it to keep the cold out or wear to make a fashion statement.

Even when you are battling the weather, a good quality scarf can elongate your neck and give you a beautiful feminine look. Hair up, short or down works really well, whatever kind of scarf you use. Hang your scarves on a hanger by the door of your wardrobe, so they never get creased. It is easier for you to mix and match what goes well with each outfit this way too. Glam up that dress with a chic silk scarf this spring.


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