Tuesday, May 26, 2015

2Plus2 Roadtrip to Yours

Hello lovelies!
So two weeks ago, the gorgeous Hollie from Pretty Big Butterflies and I went to Bluewater shopping centre to check out the Yours Clothing shop. As you may know, I have developed a somewhat ridiculous love affair with Yours over the last little while and just want everything in my closet. There is nothing better than being able to actually go into a shop and try things on and the Bluewater store is wonderful for this - the shop is bright and full of things to try on. It has a really great selection of items in most sizes and is tidy and pretty easy to navigate - they also have an accessible fitting room!

I had so many things that I had seen online, you can see my wish list from a couple of weeks ago here, so I knew exactly what I was hoping to try on.
Hollie and I did a complete run through of the shop with the help of Abi, who is both an amazing Yours staff member but also a plus size blogger! See her blog, A is for Abi here! We were so grateful for her as she helped us find sizes and suggest some great pieces that go together to complete outfits. All of the staff that we came across were lovely, polite and helpful - which made the experience a real treat and we felt really cared for.

Abi and assistant manager, Lorraine
Bluewater had everything I was eyeing up online, and we took plenty of photos as it was such a fun time. Their fitting rooms were spacious, light and clean so we moved right in with our mountains of clothing and began trying things on.
Both Hollie and I fell in love with this rose flocked blue dress, it fits like a dream and it beautiful on. I wish it wasn't Spring as it's a bit dark for me for this time of the year but regardless, it's amazing!

 Here we are in the amazing Tess dress - which is divine - this dress looks amazing on everyone - if you are going to have one dress this Summer, it should be this one!

Next we tried on my favourite outfit which I took home - the scalloped trim top and floral scuba skater skirt! There will be a proper post dedicated to this gorgeous kit later in the week.

Last up, we tried this epic jumpsuit that I am still thinking about. I think I may have to go back and get it as I just love how vintage it looks in cut. It's really cute and comfortable but if you are thinking about buying it, size up 2 sizes. I think it looks super cute on both of us - a real 2Plus2 success!

We had a really fun time trying on the entire shop and were so grateful for beautiful Abi who made sure we were sorted the entire time. My shopping basket on Yours in now bursting and waiting for payday!
Check out Hollie's post over at Pretty Big Butterflies to read about what she thought!
So what do you all think - any favourite outfits???

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