Friday, May 29, 2015

Introducing Cool Gal Blue

Good morning gorgeous friends!
OK, today I finally am going to share some love for a new company, which I hope that a lot of you have heard of, but for those that haven't this will be super exciting.
 The amazing Jessica Cane, fashion babe, boss lady and plus size blogger extraordinaire, along with her epic team Michelle, Allie and Mandy are changing plus size fashion as we know it.

Jessica and Michelle have created Cool Gal Blue , a plus size fashion retailer committed to providing affordable, high quality, amazing fit and on trend clothing all with an amazing experience attached to it. They want you to shop, feel good, and empowered - to be proud of who you are and to look good doing it!

They have been doing amazing blogger collections with gorgeous babes like With Wonder and Whimsy, and soon with Margot Meanie, and a few more and the pieces are gorgeous!

Icy Tulle Skirt (Worn by Margot Meanie - omg - so gorgeous!)

On top of all the support and beauty they are putting into the world, they also have a "No Edit, No shame" policy so none of their images are altered in any way. What you see is what you get - gorgeous women, inside and out, looking amazing in great clothing. It also means that you are seeing what you are buying for real!

Definitely go and have a browse, it's hard not to fall  in love with everything and to want to be a part of this retail revolution. There are even some items on sale at the moment so a perfect opportunity for you to try it out!
They are doing what a lot of us have dreamt of - creating a plus size fashion community around shopping - where looking gorgeous and sharing the love is all part of the experience.
As a bonus, they also have flat rate shipping for both US and International so no surprises when you go to the check out!
I'd love to know if you have tried it out - I will share my experience as soon as I order shortly!

*all images in this post belong to Cool Gal Blue

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