Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mai Lin Jewelry - The Perfect Gift Straight From the Heart

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend friends!
Today I wanted do a little post for a friend of mine way back in Toronto. My gorgeous friend Marlissa is a jewelery maker who has founded Mai Lin Jewelry, and who makes the most beautiful and delicate bracelets as a way of sharing and showing others that she cares. Each of her pieces, whether for you or a gift is truly a little piece of her heart and from the packaging to the actual item, they are perfection.

Recently, Marlissa released a new collection in support of her friend Megan Runser who is battling cancer. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Marlissa's friendship bracelets will benefit Megan's fight against cancer. Click here to see the collection and I encourage you all to buy!
Marlissa's bracelets are the perfect way to cherish and celebrate someone special in your life and give them a little reminder of how much they mean to you - all the while being beautiful and hand made.

Images in this post belong to Mai Lin Jewelry

Go and have a look - you can shop directly in her Etsy shop here! 
She has something special for everyone and I think you will all be completely overwhelmed by the absolute perfection of each little piece.
Marlissa pours her heart into everything she does and her jewellery is no exception - to say that I miss her presence in my life is a huge understatement!
Send a friendship bracelet to someone close to you because sometimes gifts for no reason are the best kind.

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