Monday, August 31, 2015

Booting Up For Fall with Curvissa

Today I am back on this lovely Bank holiday Monday with a blogger challenge from Curvissa and it's all about boots!
I have always had a nightmare finding boots that fit my calves and in the past when I have found them I always go for black leather and never anything else, so this time I decided I would change things up a bit for the arrival of fall.

I chose these brown suede boots from Curvissa to test out in the regular wide calf. The quality of the boots it great and they feel well made. The calf just fits my calf and is almost a bit snug, but I'm sure with a bit of wear, they will improve. The foot bed is large which is my only issue as I could have done with a size down in the foot. They would fit a wide foot without issue as well. If you are planning on purchasing a pair of these beauties, I would suggest going down a size in the foot.

I must admit, brown boots through me through a bit of a loop - I was at a loss of what to pair them with, so I gave my new quirky denim tunic, that I picked up from a random clothes shop in a market in London, a test run.

I like the sort of relaxed not quite fall but getting there vibe this outfit has.  It's defiantly not my usual look but I am glad that I stepped out of the box.
Here's another little close up of these gorgeous boots. I wish we had boot-o-vision where you could feel how nice the suede feels and how sturdy the construction is, they really are great.

I would rate these wide calf boots from Curvissa a 4 out of 5 due to the foot being too big but everything else is spot on.
Be sure to check out the other delightful bloggers who posted some amazing reviews about their different boots!

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