Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Checking out Xandres Xline at House of Fraser

Good morning everyone!
It's Tuesday and I am back after a long weekend of absolute insanity. I live on the Notting Hill Carnival route which is borderline too much even for the most avid music lovers. I've had two endless days of sound systems blaring below my windows and the carnival passing along the other side of the building, so after going out and dancing and enjoying it for a bit, coming home wasn't as relaxing as I had hoped.

One thing I was so grateful for, was my gorgeous new gold rain coat. For those of you not in London, it rained a lot this weekend and almost all of Sunday, so whilst out checking out the happenings in my hood, rain boots and a good coat were important - umbrellas were a no- go with upwards of a million people, you would stab someone in the eye if you weren't careful.

I was very kindly gifted this rain coat by House of Fraser and when I received it, I was really intrigued as I had never heard of the brand before but was immediately excited by the colour and when I flipped through the lookbook that arrived with the coat, I fell in love with so many lovely things. The brand is called Xanders Xline and this coat is called the X-immy.

It's a lightweight gold parka style coat with nice big pockets and it actually keeps you dry. I gave it a proper test run this weekend as I mentioned above and arrived home dry and happy. The hood is also the right size and doesn't block your view  ahead or blow off the top of your head so that's a nice bonus too!

This is the first time that I have been out in the pouring rain in a while and not been drenched so and on top of that I felt lovely and fashionable - how exciting! I think this coat will be a welcome addition to my fall wardrobe - bring on the rain... ok maybe not just yet!
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