Monday, August 3, 2015

Not Just a Pedicure with DG Podiatrist

Good morning everyone!
So this morning I have another post about feet! I can't really explain why so many wonderful people have contacted me about my toes recently, but I am so pleased that they have. I guess because it's Summer and we all have a chance to let our feet free, wear sandals and even go barefoot, it does make some sense, but never before have I had so much interest.
I have always loved wearing sandals or going barefoot when I can, but struggled with dry and sometimes cracked heels and just generally not having nice skin on my feet. It does make me feel self-conscious when I got to someone 's house, and I always try and bring socks if I know that I am going to end up without my sandals on.

When I was asked recently about testing out a new kind of pedicure, the Medical Pedicure, at a beautiful podiatrist clinic in Mayfair, I jumped at the opportunity. 
I wanted to find out why my feet are such a pain to care for.
My appointment was at DG Podiatrist not far from Bond Street Station with podiatrist, Dina, a fellow expat Canadian who is absolutely amazing. One of her newest treatments that I was able to try, is the Medical Pedicure. and it aims to take really tackle the things that a standard buff and polish just can't do. Not only does Dina spend time asking about your general foot health, lifestyle as well as examining your feet, she then goes to work on smoothing, tidying and addressing any issues that she can correct on the spot.

I spoke candidly with Dina about being pigeon toed and how my heels have always been a tough area to tackle, and she wasn't phased in the least. She had a look at my feet, explained a few things that I needed to know about my concerns and completely put me at ease. I immediately felt like she had my best interest in mind and wanted to see my feet looking pretty and healthy before anything.
I sat in her gorgeous treatment room on a comfy bed while she went to work, turning my feet from a no to a yes all whilst chatting away with me, giving me pointers and information where she could about how I could best care for my feet going forward.
The medical pedicure is not like a standard pedicure, you don't get colourful toes but your feel will feel like new, I promise. Dina used specialist tools and machines to remove dead skin and tidy nail beds and really made sure that my feet were in the best condition. She recommended some wonderful products for me to use as after care, and since then I have been following her advice and had great results.

I don't know why it's so hard for me to take of my feet when they are one of the most important parts of my body - they take me everywhere!
Dina is a certified podiatrist and the most approachable and lovely person that I have encountered in a medical setting. It was refreshing to talk to an intelligent and vibrant medical professional who has a real passion for what she does and a true concern for those that she sees.
I think of so many people I have spoken to in the past who don't get their feet out for various reasons and hope that they read this and make an appointment with Dina because she will sort you out!
Thank you so much Dina for the wonderful experience - I promise to keep on moisturising! 

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