Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Feeling Spring Vibes in Winter

Hey everyone!
So I know that the UK is feeling a warmer version of what we here in Toronto are feeling with this weird, not so cold winter weather. I have had to dig around my entire wardrobe to find weather appropriate clothing to fit the warm and cool days - most of which is my spring wear. I've been thinking loads about spring trends and what it will be like to go outside to no snow and hopefully sunshine but most likely rain.

It's exciting because now that the sales are quieting down, spring trends are finally coming out and we can see what exciting things we will all be after in a few short months. Vogue is predicting full on 90s, more lingerie as day wear and novelty socks to be among many things to come for spring.

I look forward to all of these things and will be on the hunt for the perfect plus size slip dress - leads on this would be welcomed! 
I also love the idea that we will have cute socks visible and skirts with socks - a trend that I wasn't sure about last year but am now totally on board with! 

What are you all looking forward to for spring? I know it's hard to imagine since we are only really just going into winter properly, but let's just dream for a second.

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