Monday, January 25, 2016

Jewelry Trends I am Loving This Year

I love to wear jewellery and like to get new pieces quite regularly. I have noticed quite a few trends for the year ahead when I have been shopping for new pieces. So I’ll just share with you some of the pieces and trends that I have been loving. A girl can never have too much jewellery, right?

Statement Headbands
Ok, so headbands aren’t strictly jewellery are they? But I have seen a lot of them around. They were quite popular a few years back and I had a lot of them myself. But it looks like they are making a comeback. Strong colours and thick bands are key. I have seen a few daintier pieces too; they almost look like little tiaras. So there will be headbands for every occasion. I think a little tiara style one could look so cute.


I love a good statement necklace. On the catwalks, there have been two different styles of necklace that will make waves this year. One is a more classic necklace chain with a charm. The other is a not-quite-a-collar-not-quite-a-necklace-combo. The latter is chunkier and sit just on your collarbone. So it isn’t a choker, but sits shorter than most necklaces would. The former style is much more classic and I think it is a versatile look that will work for every day. The variety of little charms available is huge. You can get everything from an ice cream charm to a classic bumblebee necklace. You could even wear a few of this style of necklace at a time. I think this style would be great for getting for friends for gifts as you could pick a charm that suits them. Cute and thoughtful, right?

There will be no such thing as a subtle earring this coming year. Ear candy is big and bold. There are a variety of bright colours and all shapes and sizes. This look is hard to rock in everyday wear but for special occasions or going out, all you need is the earrings.


Silk Scarves
I know, I know, a silk scarf isn’t jewellery either. But it is an accessory so it kind of counts. Thin silk scarves will be a big trend this year, just watch this space. I like that there are a few ways that you can wear them. You could have it tied around your neck and the ends tucked away. You could have it tied in a bow to make it an addition to the outfit you are wearing. You could just have it hanging down so it slims and lengthens your silhouette. You could even wrap it around your wrist and use it as a bracelet. Go for quite a neutral colour or pattern and then it will go with a lot more of your outfits. I like that this can be casual or dressed up.

What are your favourite jewellery or accessories to wear? What do you think of the 2016 trends? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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