Monday, February 15, 2016

Beth Ditto Collection - It's Here!

When that first Beth Ditto tee shirt with Jean Paul Gaultier emerged online a couple of months ago, I remember thinking that if this is was a precursor of what was to come then we were in store for something pretty epic. Beth Ditto has wowed us many times in fashion and has broken down some pretty major walls for plus size folk everywhere and for that I am eternally in awe of her as a person and even more as an artist.

Beth Ditto is a force, she speaks for so many and really lives by her own advice, something that  I think a lot of people with her platform could do much better at.
Today was the big day, when Beth Ditto's collection was released and I am on the fence. I want to first say that I appreciate so immensely the hard work and passion that has gone into what she has released and the emphasis on ensuring that everything was made in the USA in an ethical way - this is huge for any collection of any kind. It's also an absolute triumph that it goes up to a US size 28 - this is basically unheard of so THANK YOU Beth for doing this for the plus size industry - for showing companies that it can be done!

There are pieces that I think are beautiful which I have included here and that I would love to have in my closet but I still want to address one thing that bothers me. I feel like the collection is very much catered to the typical plus size hourglass figure and I'm a bit sad about this.  I think the 70s vibe and prints are beautiful and lookbooks are really cool and on point. 

I guess what I am trying to get at in this post is that, I wish that I felt like how I did 5 or so years ago when I travelled to London from Paris to try on her second collection at Evans. I remember thinking, that this had never been done, and the cuts were versatile and interesting and the prints were a bit crazy - there was something for everyone. I realize that working with a large brand affords different options so I don't want to sound naive in my critique, I just expected something different in my mind based on a past experience.

I don't want this post to be negative because I want to recognize the achievement and incredible example that this epic collection is going to set for the industry but I also wanted to voice my thoughts on how I felt when it launched this morning. I'm just not sure if this collection sits well with what I feel like we were set up for, between the cuts and the cost, I'm just not sure.
I'm so glad to see that so many people are loving it and I can't wait to see people wearing it, perhaps it will push me to think otherwise! Regardless, thank you Beth for doing this for all of us!
Go check out the collection over on Beth Ditto's website!

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