Monday, March 21, 2016

Life Update - Canada!

Hi everyone!
So it's been a while but I have so much to tell you about! Since moving to Canada in early December, I feel like my life has been turned around and upside down. It's funny how nearly 6 years away makes you forget how some of the simplest things work. I had completely forgotten how little daily things are different in Canada, compared to France and the UK, like how I can't shop online with my debit card, or withdraw money from any ATM I want without being penalized, or use contactless payment everywhere. On the plus side, it's much easier to j-walk, as people seem less inclined to run you down here than in London, and there is definitely more sun, even though it's chillier.
Anyways, I didn't stop by to give you a list of random and odd difference of two of my favourite cities, but instead to tell you about what's going on.
Winter is finally clearing off and it's starting to feel more like Spring everyday. I can happily deal with the cold if it means there are blue skies and sun - that warm sun on my back is something I missed when away. I have been working from home since January, which has been nice and allowed me to find a place for Steven and I to live. 

We found a Tardis in Toronto... who knew?!

We are moving to one of our favourite areas in Toronto, called Little Italy.  It feels like a little town in the middle of the city, full of great restaurants and little independent shops, but still very close to necessities and transit. Our new place has room for our little kitty, Bettie, who travelled all the way from the UK with us and is currently staying with my brother until we move next week. We can't wait to have her back.
In terms of blogging, I have felt a bit disconnected, as I rediscover the blogosphere for plus size fashion in Toronto. I am so glad that Nicolette Mason had her collection launch at Additionelle and Tess Holliday at Penningtons recently as it was great to see some familiar faces and meet lots of lovely new people that I have followed for a long time.
I promise that regular blogs are coming, but first, I need to get moved into our new place, where I can finally unpack all my belongings and see whats in my closet. Stay tuned for a couple of interior design posts while I plan for our adorable apartment - I love decorating!
I am really loving being able to see my family and friends who I have missed so much over the years and it feels good to be close by but it's also hard as I miss so many lovely people in the UK too. Although it's hard some days, I remind myself how lucky we are to have a home in two places and people that love us in both.
Thanks for stopping by and see you soon!

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