Saturday, May 28, 2016

I've Joined the Revelo-tion!

Hi everyone!
So after a much needed break and a nice visit from my beautiful friend Hollie, I am starting to ease my way back into blogging. It's been harder than we expected to settle into life in Canada and we are still working on a few things, as well as planning our wedding, but it's coming together slowly.

 I posted a while back on my Instagram about my new bike that has literally made my life so much better and more exciting. I work from home so don't have any kind of transit pass, and Toronto transit is pretty expensive, so when I had the opportunity to get an electric bike, I jumped on it straight away.   I chose a Revelo Electric Flex bike for a couple of reasons, but mainly because it folds so I never have to lock up outside and worry about it, it can fit off to the side and out of the way. Toronto is notorious for being a haven for bike thieves so I never feel good about leaving my bike anywhere. I have used it to go everywhere and its made things so much easier but also super fun. I can only compare the rush of the open road to go-carting- it's actually so fun!

It has a battery that takes me 30km going upwards of 28km per hour so it's a quick little thing!
Today, when we went out to take photos, we took it into the park and it was great zipping around on the grass too. On the road, I don't have to worry about going too slow as I kept up with everyone in the bike lanes too.

I'm getting some extras added to it soon, like a phone holder so I can use my maps or listen to music, and a carrier for the back so I can pick up groceries or run other errands and throw them all in the back. It's nice that it doesn't cost me to run it and I can easily pull the battery out and bring it inside to charge it.

Here I can be seen having light evening chitter chatter with out neighbour's cat Gloria, she's a charmer, unless she is visiting our window and terrorizing Bettie, then she's not.

I'm going to keep updating you on my new bike because I love it and it's making my life just way more exciting and convenient but also I am getting some exciting goodies for it like I mentioned above. The coolest thing about Revelo is that when you buy a bike, you become an ambassador, meaning that if someone buys one with your code, you then make money and they save money. So if you are considering an e-bike, check out Revelo. If you decide to buy, put my name, KATIE, in the code box and you will save $200 bucks!

Check out Revelo in all these cool spots:

I'd love to know if you have ridden an E-Bike or if you have questions, stick them below! I am an open bike, I mean book. I had never ridden an e-bike before this so I am genuinely new at this and really loving it.
If you are curious about what I am wearing, check out the shop this post at the bottom of the post.
See you all soon!

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