Monday, June 27, 2016

Just Keep Swimming... with Simply Be!

Hi everyone,
I'm making an an effort to write new posts for you as I slide back into blogging. Like I have mentioned, I haven't felt entirely myself lately but I'm feeling a bit more normal, certainly the sun outside is making things easier too.
For those of you who think that Canada is just a big old cold country, you are very wrong, we, especially here in Toronto suffer from some serious heat waves and this Summer is no exception. Today, I am couched with my computer in front of a fan so that I don't melt. All I can think about is going for a swim, which I am planning on doing later at a friend's condo, thankfully! 
What I am really looking forward to though, is heading over to the Toronto Islands which aren't far at all, and swimming in the lake. This is just such a Summer friendly activity and makes me want to have all the swimwear in the world.
Since I have been saving for my wedding though, I can't have all of the swimwear, but a girl can dream right? I have put together this adorable swim day wish list of all of my favourites from Simply Be, because they have such a great selection of plus size swimwear.

At Simply Be, they are running a campaign around body confidence and as part of it they are offering loads of mix and match options. If you, like me, love the bikini tops with lots of support but then a mismatched bottom in a high waist then you can make all this happen now without breaking the bank! 
Long live Summer swims!

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