Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Polka Dots in Paradise

Good morning everyone!
So I finally have some great news! I am starting a new job next week and with this, a new wardrobe is the obvious next step... I think we can all agree! Over the last 7 months or so, working from home has been great, in terms of having my own time and being able to settle in to my new home, however, I found that it had a huge effect on my energy levels, excitement around clothing and getting dressed and just generally about how I was functioning. I am really looking forward to getting up everyday, putting on my makeup and picking out an outfit. I really miss that routine that I had back in London as I do love that entire morning process.

With this news, I am hoping that it will provide amazing opportunities for loads of blog photos and to go back to having a busy Instagram like I used to. I miss being on social media the way that I was before and am hoping to get back there with all of you asap. 
I wanted to start by sharing a little clothes story about a super cute dress that I received from Navabi a while back.

When I was browsing on Navabi's website, this little navy polka dot number from Zizzi, one of my favourite brands, caught my eye. I loved the print, and the fun yet sophisticated cut. I could immediately imagine myself wearing this dress out for fun, or with a blazer and pointed flats for work, and that to me is reason enough to own it- versatility is key!
When I received the dress at first, I put it on, and in all honesty I wasn't that into it. I let it hang in my closet and ignore it for a month until I gave it another try. The reason I am telling you all this story, is because sometimes it's not the clothes, but it's actually how I am feeling. The day that initially tried this on, I wasn't feeling great and so that feeling was projected onto this poor dress.
Today, I wear this dress 1-2 times a week - I can't get enough of it and here is why.

For starters, the obvious cute print and neckline is excellent for those of us who are bustier but would also work nicely on a smaller chest. I love that it has a little sleeve, so it feels office appropriate and also protects my delicate shoulders from the sun. Next, what you can't see, is that it's lined with a soft jersey fabric which means it feels so nice on the body. It's loose and doesn't cling but comfortable and fits right and true to size. I think we can all agree that there is nothing about this dress that isn't great.
I think you should all have it on hand for both work and play - I plan on wearing it to the office lots and also think that it will transition well into winter with a cardigan and tights.

You can find links on where to buy what I am wearing below the post. Unfortunately, my pineapple bag is last year's model from Primark, but I have found a similar one to link you. Also, my little green belt is one that I pinched off another dress so sadly I can't provide you with a link to that.
So how's that for a new outfit post, probably the first in a few months. Stay tuned for my exciting new work wear posts, along with a couple of fun lifestyle things too!

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