Sunday, November 22, 2009

The weekend!

Hey everyone!
Ok so a quick update on what is going on! Last night I went to the Paragon to see 2 of my most favourite Canadian acts, Rae Spoon and Wax Mannequin. The show was phenomenal and there was a really great crowd out. I was hoping to snag a Rae Spoon tshirt but there were none to be had, so that was a little unfortunate but I will live on. If you are looking for something to today, there is a craft fair at the North Street church starting at 10am. It should be full of cool stuff and runs until 6, or so I heard.

I have another hoola hooping class today as well, followed by another night of Craftos Noches with Andrew and Tori. Tonight we will be participating in The Sign Project (click the link for more info). I'm excited that we are taking our craft night to a new level by participating in someone else's' art! It will be a very crafty day for me indeed!

I am also going to have a delightful brunch at Satisfaction Feast, which is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Hali, that if you haven't checked out, you must! It is located at Robie and Duffus st.  Be sure to try their peanut butter balls, vegan french toast, and dahl soup, or any of the soups, they are so good.

What's on the agenda for next week you ask!? Well, so far I don't have it all worked out, but you should all come out to The Company House (The CoHo) on Monday night after 8 to see Adam Sterling, both a friend and amazing artist, play at the open mic. If you haven't been to the CoHo yet, you should definitely check it out, it's a classy lounge with tons of community stuff happening throughout the week, like spoken word and beat poetry on Thursday night.

On Tuesday I will be going to another African dance class, and I will remind you all that you can drop in to the classes without committing to coming to all of them, just let the centre know! 8pm at the Maritimes Centre!

Alright, that just about sums it up! I will let you know of any other great things going on if I hear about them! Happy End of the weekend!



  1. Seriously, am I being replaced by adam? what is this shit? Suddenly he can sing and dance and I go out the window? I see how it is :P.

  2. I'll have you no, I can rock a drum solo. So there!


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