Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Things to keep yourself busy with this week...


So I only have a minute here so I am going to post a couple of exciting things to check out this week in the big wide city of Halifax. Tomorrow evening at the North Street Church, the Ghost Bees are playing with Cousins and Fresh Flesh.  I have yet to see Cousins or Fresh Flesh,but I do know that the Ghost Bees are phenomenal.

Also from Wednesday to Sunday, KTS (King's Theatre Society) is putting on the show Harvey, so be sure to check that out. If you are on Facebook, you can check it out here.

On Sunday there is the FemFest craft fair at the North Street church. It begins at 10 and should be full of great things to see and buy!  There are also plenty of things to check out  at The Company House on Gottingen street.

Also, if you are a Facebook user please check out The Aninga Project, which is a non-profit initiative that is in the process of being formed to put the focus on sending girls to school in Africa. If you are interested in being involved please pop a message onto the wall, or join the group and check back as things develop!

If I hear of anything else going on, or if you hear of anything let me know in the comments!



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  1. dude you should start posting about the stuff you did!! After you did it! Like photos of your craft scores etc etc!

    Also, bring your camera more often and whip it out so i can take photos of you :P.


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