Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I bought a Suitcase... but i will tell you about it later.

Oh how fast life is currently moving! I can't believe it, but all of my classes have ended! First Dj-ing, then latin dance and now African dance! I only have hoola hooping left, thank goodness! So, as a way to fill my time, I have a few new things up my sleeve to keep me busy. I have yet to mention that during all the time that I have been galavanting around the city and working, I have also been doing two full year university French courses. They are taking up a bit of my time, and are more challenging than I originally anticipated, but I need them to apply to Teacher's college in a couple of years. I have done several online courses during my academic career and have found that Athabasca University is by far the best place to take online courses.  They have the best and most well organized system for delivering material without actually forcing you to go to class.  I have taken an English course on children's literature, an introduction to women's studies and now the  two french courses. I have also taken similar style courses through Acadia university that do not compare. I felt this was appropriate to mention in case anyone was interested in taking a course or degree online. Often if you are already in a university program, they will let you take up to 50% of your degree at another institution and Athabasca is a major qualifier, so it can be helpful to anyone who is or is thinking about becoming a student.

In other exciting news, I joined the YMCA! I have decided to become more fitness oriented. In the past I have really dislike the gym, but have decided that if I do this right, I will find a way to like it. I am going to do Aquafit, and a bunch of other classes. This week is tricky because my work schedule is earlier rather than later, but next we I start my regular 9:30 to 5:30 shift, thereby making going to the gym much easier. The times of the classes are very odd but will definitely work. I will let you know all about it when I go for my first workout tomorrow.

The Y is at Spring Garden and South Park Street just up from the Lord Nelson Hotel. If you or someone you know is a member come join me for a work out, I would love a friend to go with!

Stay tuned for other exciting things that you can join and do in this fine city! I'm still working it all out for the next couple of weeks.

And now an update of fun things to do this week!

Wednesday night at the Company House, there is an open mic night where my dear friend Adam will be playing. Remember his name, Adam Sterling, he is both an exceptional guitar player, lyricist and singer. Check out his website by clicking the word AWESOME.

Also, next week at the Paragon on Gottingen, Glen Matlock, yes the former Sex Pistol, is playing an acoustic set. This should be very cool, I am currently trying to get tickets, so perhaps I shall see you all there.

Until next time, stay busy Haligonians!



  1. bitch! where's my blog mention? :cries:

    Seriously though, you coming to CoHo this week? Also not sure about classes (but maybe, send me the times and costs and i'll think about it), but I am totally down for nightly walks! or some kind of hike because I am slacking on taking Party out because walking alone is soo boring :(.

  2. Of course Charlie! Give me a ring tomorrow!

  3. yay Charlie's coming!

    Also, spec.. baby, where's the love? Ignoring all my comments? I see.. I see.


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