Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Look Haul continued...

Moving on! Again, in the New Look change rooms, I am wearing the denim jeggings and an adorable nautical inspired cardigan with little clasp closures.

Next I tried this one but for some reason didn't take photos of it on. Anyways, It's a denim shirt with lace detail on the shoulders. This one I didn't buy, but thought it was really awesome and wanted to share it with you anyways!

It's longer and comes to about my midthigh - I am 5'5" to give you an idea of how big it is. I am also big in the bust area and it does up with extra space. Also, I had room in the arms too. This piece is from the regular New Look collection and is a size 18 UK.

Black Jeggings with a nautical snap detail on the bottom of the leg - these I bought and I cannot wait to wear!!!

The ever popular Inspire Bird Dress from New Look

And that's it from the New Look Haul in terms of clothes... I did cave and buy a pair of sandals but I will share those with you when I take photos of my next outfit! Thanks for looking! Can't wait to hear what you think! If New Look is listening, come to Canada, we need you!


  1. Oh they are so comfy too, always a plus! I can actually sit and move in them!

  2. how cute is that navy dress! just imaging that with a red waist belt and red patent heels... so pretty on you


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