Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Look Haul!

Hey girlies!

So this morning I woke up a little earlier than usual and hitched a ride out to Evry 2 Centre Commercial, which is a shopping mall not far from where I am staying at the moment. I had looked briefly on their site last night to see what the shops were like and I saw H&M and New Look and figured it would be well worth the trip. To my delightful surprise, both stores had their respective plus size lines, Inspire at New Look and BiB at H&M. I was so excited, because I had had a pretty tough time finding them elsewhere, and when I did the selections were pretty small. Anyways, if you are looking for either of these lines head to Evry 2, because not only was the service great (especially at New Look) but the selection was fantastic. New Look Inspire has some great shirts and tons of nautical styled shirts, dresses and cardigans. H&M was it's usual basics, t shirts, tank tops, jeans and the odd funky shirt or beach cover up, but nothing terribly exciting. I did however find plenty at New Look and took photos in the change room because I was so excited, and also because I don't have a mirror in my room here., so it's really hard to take photos of myself. (It's a long story but my room just doesn't work for taking self shots.)

Anyways, here we go!

LOOK # 1: When I left the house this is what I was wearing...

Red striped cardigan - Urban Outfitters USA (old collection)

Black ribbed tank top - GAP USA

Jean Skirt - Old Navy Canada (old Collection)

Black Leggings - Penningtons (Canada - these are awesome leggings!)

Flip flops - Geant (France)

LOOK # 2: New Look change room

White blouse top - New Look Inspire (available now)

New Look Jeggings - Size 18 Inspire (tip:these fit very high on the waist and are a good length, I have extra because I am not very tall at all)

***  I didn't end up taking home the blouse because I had to limit what I bought because I am not a money tree (I know it's shocking!) but the jeans I took home with me :)

What do you ladies like at New Look? I find that I have an odd body and that I am sometimes too small on the bottom for the pants but fit the tops really well.  Regardless, I love going to the store and picking up a million things to try on. I'm pretty sure my ratio of try on to buy is 1 to 8, haha.

I'm going to break these looks up over two or three posts, brb with more photos!

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