Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Leaves are falling and things are happening!

Hello everyone!

I can't believe how busy it has felt in that last couple of weeks! Paris has finally decided to adopt fall weather permanently it seems, and I wake up with that cold fresh air coming in my shutters each morning. It's quite nice actually, although it makes me miss Canada more. Anyways, I am back with a couple of pictures from Blog de Big Beauty's book release/signing, which was great!

Stephanie in her new La Redoute Collection and I am wearing a red and black striped shirt from Torrid, Spanx black tights, and a little black wide elastic waist skirt with an exposed zipper in the back by VAMP. My spectacles necklace is from Asos - I can't stop wearing it, it just makes me so happy.

The release was held at an adorable book store in Paris called the Arbre à Lettres. There were so many people there including so many wonderful other bloggers that I finally was able to meet like Gaëlle-Vanessa from  Les Pitreries de Vanoue! You should really go check out her blog, it is awesome.  There line to meet and have your book signed was full of fans and long time readers of Stephanie's blog and the atmosphere was really friendly. I was super happy that Stephanie really gave everyone a little bit of time and wrote a lovely little note in each book. I can't wait for her fall collection for La Redoute to come out. As you can see, she is wearing the blazer with the pink inside that I am slightly obsessed with. So thanks Stephanie! It was really fun!

If you haven't already had a chance to get your copy of the book you can buy it online at La FNAC here. It's definitely worth it, as it has so many great pictures and explanations and suggestions for any fashionista!


  1. She is lovely,right? I think the book is sold out, maybe they ordered new ones. Waiting also for her collection to come out next week.

  2. I think the Fnac is getting more in... or at least that's what they said... who knows. But the book is great! and she is lovely!


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