Thursday, October 14, 2010

Falling For New Fall Collections

It seems that all of a sudden a huge cluster of amazing dresses have appeared from all of my favourite online retailers. I am a dress and skirt nut and wear pants, maybe once a week, and it requires that all my tights are in the wash. As you can imagine I have been a little dress high all week because I can't wait to get paid and pick one or two... maybe three. (I'll do my best to show some self restraint!)

I always love a good party dress and the new Monif C collection is beyond amazing. The pieces are so colourful and interesting, and my favourite is this sexy red and black lace number. Check out the new collection here on Monif C's website.

Next on the list is a dress that just appeared on ASOS curve's page and it is blue and covered in sequins! When the sequins trend began I had a hard time warming up to it, and now I kind of just want to wear sequins all the time. I think they inspire happiness in some strange way. Check out Asos Curve here!

Next up is not quite a dress, but certainly could act as one. It's a playsuit! I have yet to find a playsuit/romper/jumper type thing that fits me properly and that doesn't make me look like I am wearing  a diaper, but I have great faith in this one from ASOS. I like the print and the cute because it really works with tights and plays off much like a wrap dress than a playsuit. Also, if you are not in Europe, Asos just went live with their USA site  and the shipping is free with the USA- hip hip hooray for amazing retailers landing in North America! For those of you who aren't aware, I am a Canadian in France, so while I enjoy the easy access and affordable shipping to France, I will soon have to return to the motherland where customs, and shipping cost an arm and a leg, and sometimes a foot - this launch is a big step forward for availability of curvy conscious and affordable clothing for North American girls!

My last little bundle of favourites comes from Faith 21 and while I found several things, I did up a little Polyvore snapshot for you all. I like these three dresses because they are very everyday, and once I squeeze into my tights in the morning, it would take nothing more than to slip one of these bad boys over my head, pick some shoes and head out the door. I am also having a rather hard time finding a pair of jeans that fit right and I really like these because they remind a bit of pin up style capris, only they are longer. I don't know if I even have to say why I like the two pairs of shoes, because clearly they are just awesome! They also announced that Faith21 will be turning into Forever21+ so don't be surprised if you see the Faith21 gone, its' still there under it's new name. Also, I have to say that Stiletto Siren over at Lips, Hips and Fashion Tips looks fabu in the black and grey zipper dress! Go see her on Lips, Hips and Fashion Tips with Stiletto Siren.

I am eagerly awaiting an Asos package at the moment and will be sharing with you my new arrivals once they finally get here.  Any other dress addicts out there? What are you drooling over lately??


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  2. Love the Monif C. dress on Fluvia! The lace trend this season is sooo hot! Nice blog!

  3. Thanks! I am totally feeling the lace.. and I kind of like the layering lace over colours thing... I'm think I'm going to develop this idea in my wardrobe haha.


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