Saturday, January 22, 2011

Inclusive - Exclusively at H&M


Hiya everyone!

Whilst I wait for my camera to work again so I can take photos of the oodles of things I purchased over Christmas time, I am going to share with you, as many have, the little announcement that H&M made this past week. They will be releasing a line that covers sizes 6/8 to 24 called Inclusive. It will be a one shot deal, and only available online - a tad exclusive if you will. I am really excited to see H&M doing something different and attempting to cater to a bigger audience ( I mean that in more ways than one), and granted there are many women who will left out of this, but I think we also have to look at is as a step in the right direction.

My hope for H&M is that this is a test, a test to see if selling the same clothes to women of all sizes works, and sells.  I think most of us can agree that what makes their BiB line less successful is that, it's only available in some places in Europe, but most of all that it's bland, full of basics and the odd bit of fun. H&M's  smaller size range carries tons of wild and wacky pieces, that you can buy without guilt because the price is right. It allows for people to be a little daring in their fashion choices without breaking the bank. With the BiB line, I think us plus sized girls were excited to exist but not so impressed over time with how the line evolved. I feel like for the most part every season is very much the same. This new step they are taking feels and looks like a good one - and I'm hoping what is a one shot deal will prove to be more profitable and truly inclusive for them to see what they have to do.

It's sad to say that it comes down to money but I think it's the truth. They need to know it will work for them and with all the hustle and bustle across the plus sized blogs about this line, I'm feeling like we will more than pull our weight to show how necessary a full size range is in a store like H&M. Take a look at the great pictures of what will be released in March online. I'm thinking, as the online shop only delivers to certain countries, we need to make contacts and organize something to spread the plus size goodies to one and all.

Any ideas???

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