Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Lilac Surprise!

Hello again!

So I told you yesterday that I was making a major hair change today and boy did I deliver or what?!

I went into this lovely little local salon called Teresa's a week or so ago asking for a lilac/grey colour similar to what Kelly Osbourne has been sporting lately. In the quest to grow my hair long I need to keep it interesting otherwise I will give up and chop it all off again.  So a week after my initial consultation, I went back to see my student stylist Chloe. Not only did she give the most awesome lilac/grey hair but she also styled it a la Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray! Let's just put these two things together for one second and enjoy them (photos courtesy of 2 second google search - I don't own them):

Yes, they are amazing! I am so happy with how it turned out and am enjoying my big hair while it lasts because I'm not sure I am skilled enough with a comb to recreate this awesome style.

Now, let me share my outfit of the day with you!

Today I wore a shirt that picked up at a swap, it's baby pink with shoes and purses on it (there is no brand on the inside sorry!)

Cardigan - Uniqlo (super old collection)

Jeans - M&S Bootcut (I roll the cuffs up)

Belt - Primark (From last year)

Flats - Primark (they are studded!)

The shirt print - there are purses too, I promise!

More hair! I am obsessed!

The back in all it's Bouffant style!

Primark Studded Flats:

And here are two products I didn't think I would need for least another 25 years!!!

What do you all think, have I lost my mind? I am crazy for this lilac colour and it will calm and become softer as it wears and I think I will love it all the way through.

xo ToodalooKatie


  1. I LOVE it! I am very tempted to go lilac myself...

  2. Oh yes! we could start a club... The Lilac Lovelies or something wonderful and cheesy of that sort! :)

  3. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! SO ENVIOUS! That volume is full blast!


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