Thursday, December 20, 2012

OOTD (From earlier in December)

Hello lovelies!

I am back and as per usual, life has run away with me again! Since I was last able to post, I lost one of my part time jobs due to the company moving to America and was left having to find something else. This, all before Christmas and while still unpacking bits from moving. Whilst looking for work, I checked the Lush website in hopes of there being a shop opening up in Canterbury (the closest bigger city to where I live) and my jaw dropped to the floor, there was! After a series of interviews, I got the job and went through the most fun and interesting training week ever, full of Christmas, skin and hair care training complete with loads of products to test out. Stay tuned on here as I have lots of things to tell you about what I have learned and if you are curious about Lush or what you could use from them feel free to message me with questions! 

I had to go down to London to meet the team for the Lush shop, which hadn't opened, so almost the entire staff were new and all getting to know each other. I wanted to wear something friendly but that would also show off my fancy purple hair which I am still in love with.  I chose this little get up, digging out a couple of old favourites to pull it all together.




I am wearing: 

Star tshirt - Torrid (several years old)

Mauve Cardi - Primark (currently available for £6!)

Black slim leg jeans rolled up - Marks and Spencers

Mustache Flats - Primark (Liverpool)

Now that I will be working regularly and getting back on track, I hope to share more OOTD with you and do a couple of Lush reviews too!

Stay tuned for a Christmas special with Simply Be!!



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