Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Simply Be Christmas Special


Hello again!

I know that two posts so close together is a bit crazy, but I have had them saved up and wanted to share it all with you! SimplyBe was so kind as to send me a couple of things to try for Christmas parties and all that jazz. I chose two dresses and a blazer because as much as I love dresses there are occasions where I would rather wear trousers or a skirt and would like something a little different to glam it all up.

The first dress I chose was this purple/mauve lace print dress which can be found on SimplyBe, it is one of their own collection, and my first comment would be to size up! I chose my usual size 18 and the top is far too snug around the bust and the arms. I would have been much better off in a size 20. Regardless, the dress is gorgeous and very comfortable but requires a jacket or cardi to hide the snugness above the waist. I'm also wearing: black leggings from Simply Be, a vintage jacket and boots from Evans (last year).


Next up is this lovely cream and black frilly tunic also from Simply Be but made by Frock and Frill. As you can see, I attempted to wear it as a dress, but I think for outings I will pair it with leggings so I don't have to worry about it being a tad short. It's super comfortable and the colour is lovely, even on my pale skin. I paired it with a belt from Torrid as I needed the waist to be pulled in a pinch more, black tights from M&S and my favourite black heels from New Look.  I think  I am going to wear it to my work Christmas dinner, only with leggings this time as it is definitely a tunic. I am so glad the arms have space but aren't too big and that the lace details are soft and look so elegant.



Last of all was a gold sequin Coleen Nolan blazer which as you can see was a difficult one to photograph. I really wanted something that I could wear to jazz up a plain outfit, like this black brocade skirt from Dorothy Perkins and black t-shirt from Gap. The cut of the blazer is great and shoulders fit really nicely, which is usually where I struggle with jackets. The thing I wasn't so keen on was the quality of the blazer. The reviews did say that it felt a bit cheap and I have to agree. The sequins are not really all over, it's more of a netted effect with sequins which can't be seen in the photos. I'll still get plenty of wear out of it because it's a definite statement piece but I did expect better quality for the price.



Look, it is sparkly!


Thank you SimplyBe for these lovely things to review, I am ready for all the festivities that are to come!

What are all your plans? Christmas at home or away? I will be hoping for snow regardless of how ridiculous that is!

Merry Christmas




  1. The frock and frill dress I had on my website of The Best Holiday Dresses. I love it on you. So cute. Also, the sequin number is perfection. Not sure about the first dress.

  2. Hi Katie, nice to see a fellow North American plus size blogger based in the UK. I've just started my blog and am originally from the US, but have been in London for almost five years now. Nice blog!


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