Monday, July 15, 2013

Skin Deep - Shave The Day!

Hello friends!
So in this weeks 'Skin Deep' post, I want to talk about shaving, because up until recently I really couldn't find something that worked the way I wanted it to for me. I have always shaved my legs and underarms as I find waxing a bit too pricey and I can't find many places close to where I live to get it done. Since we have had decent weather in the last week, I think it's time I get my pale lumpy legs out from their usual legging cocoon.

 I use a regular 3-4 blade women's razor for my legs and underarms, but often when I buy shaving cream, I either find it too thick or too thin, or that I go through it really quick. I generally try and avoid aerosol because I find that they empty quick and then get binned, so I would rather stick with something a little more environmentally friendly and long lasting.

A few months ago I started using soap instead or shaving cream, but I found that too thin, and it wasn't until I went away forgetting my shaving cream that I used my solid shampoo instead. It has been the best thing to happen to my shaving routine ever! One of my favourite shampoos is Trichomania from Lush, which is a solid coconut oil based shampoo. Because of the coconut oil it glides onto your skin easily but also leaves a thin layer of protection, just enough to shave without cutting yourself but not enough to clog your razor. Coconut oil is also awesome for your skin, so I find my skin is a lot smoother and less dry after I use it as well.
I'd love to know if any of you have found alternatives to using canned shaving creams as it would be nice to mix it up once in a while

XX ToodalooKatie

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