Friday, March 28, 2014

A Style Tip Pour Vous!

Bonjour mesdemoiselles!
So today, I received an email from the lovely people at La Redoute asking me to enter a competition to win one of two spots to be a brand ambassador for a year, including a trip to Paris. So many things excited me about this competition, obviously a trip to visit Paris, back to where my life adventure and true plus size fashion and blogger journey began almost 5 years ago would be amazing. I lived and worked in Paris for just over a year, perfecting my French accent, learning about/eating cheese and wine, and of course with an office overlooking Dior and less than a block separating me from Chanel, I immersed myself in fashion. I met a fabulous group of plus size French bloggers and dipped my toes into the plus size fashion industry, including a dabble in fit modeling. Back then, it felt like France was pushing the boundaries of plus size fashion and I would love to see today just how much it has changed.

Part of my entry is to share a style tip with you and I am going to share the one that I live by and I feel sometimes is crucial to finding fashion when you are plus size: Challenge Yourself, Take The Risk. The nice thing about this is that everyone's idea of a fashion risk is different, but when you try something on, or wear an outfit that is outside of your comfort zone or different from your norm, and then discover how confident you feel or how wonderful it looks, there is no better feeling. 
I started with tighter shirts, then moved on to mini skirts, bare arms and today crop tops, all things, that 5 years ago would have been too scary for me.

I love fashion because it decorates the beautiful bodies we live in and being plus sized can sometimes be a challenge but if you embrace it and take it on, it can be the most amazing adventure. 
Thank you La Redoute for the invitation to enter this competition, I would love nothing more than to be an ambassador for the first plus size brand that I was introduced to when I arrived as a plus size girl in France almost 5 years ago.


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