Monday, March 31, 2014

My Favourite New Collections

So my little corner of the internet was quiet this weekend, mostly due to being busy and also really tired after 4 days spent dog sitting at a colleague's house and then being ill with a breathing problem, but I am back in full force this week. 
Whilst in bed in the evenings, I have been trolling the internets and come across a couple of new plus size collections (not necessarily new designers) that I am totally lusting over and I thought I would share a couple of each of my favourite pieces with you.

First up is CandyStrike who have just released a collection called Teenage Jezebel featuring all the teenage misfits from John Waters' films like Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray and Wanda Woodward too! If I could I would have it all, but to date I have ordered these two shirts and will be featuring them on the blog as soon as  they arrive - I can't wait! (If you don't know about CandyStrike, go find out more quick, not only was it started by a plus size blogger but the clothes are out of this world!)

Next is Youtheary Khmer, and their pieces are so on trend and in such vibrant colours. Here are my two absolute favourite items.

Next up is Zelie For She, who do amazing pastels and crazy prints with the cutest crop tops and matching skirts - I really can't wait to see how this collection evolves.

Are there any new collections you've been eyeing up? Share with me, I'm on the lookout for fun new things!!

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