Monday, January 26, 2015

Sunday at the V&A

Hello everyone!
So yesterday, I spent the day out with the lovely Hollie visiting the Victoria & Albert Museum to see one of their current exhibitions, Wedding Dresses 1775-2014. I was very kindly offered tickets by Vin-X and I simply couldn't say no as I love the V&A and really liked the sound of the exhibit.

The exhibit was really great and really covered both style and culture of weddings throughout time. It was amazing to see not only how small the dresses were but also the shoes - everything was so delicate and petite. It was also interesting to see how much intricate design work went into most dresses and how it evolved into what we wear today.

Photography was not allowed in the exhibit so you will have to go and check it out yourself but I snapped a couple of covert shots to catch your interest.

If you are in London you should definitely make a trip to the V&A and check out this exhibit along with their regular collection and their newest free exhibit called Disobedient Objects, which is all about protest art.
It was so nice to spend the day out doing something interesting and relaxing.

We enjoyed hot chocolate in the beautiful cafe after before heading home and it really ended the day perfectly.

What's your favourite Sunday spot in London?

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