Thursday, January 22, 2015

Weekend Mini-Break in London with Travelodge

Good morning lovelies!
So I wanted to tell about a really lovely night that I had a few weeks back in London. As many of you know, for the last 7 months or so, Steven and I have lived on a boat, and even though it can be chilly at times, it's also fun when everything is working as it should.
As of recent, the boat has been struggling and the engine hasn't been working properly so it feels like we have been living in camping mode which hasn't been very fun, considering it's January and gets dark so early. I entered a competition on The Life of a Beauty Addict to win a night away in the UK at a Travelodge and I won! I could hardly believe it!
Instead of being adventurous like we usually are, we opted to book in to the Travelodge at Kings Cross  in London to have a mini break away from the boat and enjoy a hot shower, big cozy bed and some crap telly.

When we arrived, we were checked in very quickly and went straight up to our room. The rooms are basic but clean and fresh and what I would consider spacious by London standards.
I enjoyed a long hot shower in the giant shower that we had and then tucked up into bed to sit on my laptop and use the wifi whilst watching some Saturday night 90s films.
Steve went out and got us an Indian takeaway and we ate at the table in the hotel room in our pyjamas. It sounds so simple, but sometimes not going anywhere is nice too. The beds were big and comfy and we slept in the next morning before heading to have a continental breakfast downstairs. 

Breakfast was lovely -I chowed down on Nutella on toast, coffee and OJ before heading back up to enjoy one more good shower.
The experience had me thinking about what it must be like for all of you that travel to London for work or events and so I have a look around to see what things cost and what you get and if I'm honest, Travelodge is a really good deal when you put what you get up with the excellent locations they have. 
I can't imagine going away and needing more than what they provide, especially if you are being  tourist and out all day. 
 We really loved our night 'away' and would do it again in a second!


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