Thursday, February 12, 2015

Jazzing Up My Face with My Glasses Club

So today I want to tell you all about how I came across my amazing new specs. I had my eyes tested not too long ago and found out that my prescription needed updating. I have had a real love affair with one old pair of Chanel glasses that I was told could not have the lenses replaced as I ran the risk of the frames snapping due to their age, so I was on the hunt for new ones. In this time, I was contacted by My Glasses Club to test out their service.  

I wear my glasses for reading and computer work in particular or if I am tired and my eyes need a little help but for those of you who wear them day in and day out, this club could be even better for you. Their different plans mean that you can have a new set of frames every 6 months and they offer designers frames as well.
I was super chuffed to find one of my favourite designers on the site, Vivienne Westwood and chose these gorgeous Westbourne Grove frames. They arrived quickly and fit great,
You also get a cloth and cleaner as well as a case included in the kit so you are all set to wear your new frames.

If you like having options and want something affordable but still designer then check these guys out - I was really impressed by the experience!
Also, the frames are purple and have bows on the side which are so cute and me!

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