Wednesday, February 11, 2015

#ToodalooKatieTravels - Packing For Your Feet

Good morning lovelies,
So whilst I am on my travels, I will be doing lots of walking, in fact I have already booked two walking tours for my mum and I. It's hard, even with a  big suitcase to not take too many shoes but this time I can't afford to not be smart about my choices, with only a hand luggage's worth of space.
I want both comfort and style to be a part of my choices so below, I have picked 4 styles that I love and think would do the trick.

Although, I will most likely take a pair of black boots with me as back up in case it rains or snows, my other pair, the one that I will pack in my case, will be either a funky sneaker or a brogue. I am planning on bringing outfits that easily go from day to night and so my shoes will need to look cute with both trousers and skirts.
I love both of these brogues as they have gorgeous details and patterns but are soft leather so will keep my feet comfortable and happy but still looking cute.
As for the trainers, the Vans are fun and shiny and also would do quite well if I got caught in the rain. The Nike's are a guilty pleasure - I love these trainers so much. They have been on my wishlist fore ages. I love the Liberty of London print and the retro look. I think I could make them work with lots of outfits too!
So I can only give space to one pair of shoes in my case and one pair on my feet. I will share my suitcase with you all once it has been packed.
Don't forget that once I finally get on my way, I will be updating my Instagram with lots of photos!

xx ToodalooKatie

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