Thursday, March 19, 2015

Green with Elvi...

Good afternoon my gorgeous readers!
Tuesday, although a little grey outside, was still St Patricks Day, so happy days to all you Irish readers!
I am not Irish, however, still wore green because it's nice to be festive all the same.
This outfit comes from Elvi's new collection and it is lush!

Elvi makes gorgeous clothing that is colourful and interesting but also affordable, high quality and best of all work appropriate!
When I wore this outfit to work, everyone was complementing me on the beautiful colour and cut.

I am 5 foot 5 inches and the trousers are a bit long on me so keep that in mind if you are shorter - you will need to hem them. I am wearing a size 20.
The fabric is amazing and stretchy but also snug and comfortable at the same time.

The green asymmetrical top is so cute and the fabric has a nice weight and cut.

If you haven't tried Elvi, they are a great company offering true to size plus size clothing.
I especially love their tunics - so check those out too!

Here is what I am wearing:
Scarf - Unknown
Flats - Primark

Happy St Paddy's Day!
xx ToodalooKatie

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