Thursday, March 19, 2015

Travelling to Barcelona

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If you are keeping an eye out for cheap flights at the moment, you may be wondering when the best time to travel is. Right now could be a great time to pack up and go to Spain as flights are not overpriced at the moment. If you can spare a few days off work this month, Barcelona is definitely a great city to explore. It’s not too cold, and there is plenty to do to give you a well earned break out of the office.

Packing for Spain is simple. You know that the weather will be warmer than at home, so the heavy jumpers can definitely stay behind! Most people fly into Spain these days because the cost of flights is great. It’s only a short hop from the UK so you can travel pretty light and still look stylish. Pack a few sun dresses and a hat just in case you’re not used to the stronger sun at this time of year.

Barcelona is steeped in some extraordinary history, and yet it feels completely cosmopolitan and modern when you get here. One of the best things about this huge city in Spain is the shopping. There are boutiques and malls, markets and chain stores everywhere you turn, so there is definitely something for everyone. The best thing is, the fashion is quite different from what you would find back in London so you can come home with a great new look. Watch out for a few weird variations in size though. Try before you buy!

There are plenty of tours available, but they don’t tend to come cheap. If you get to see it, the Calatrava tower is quite the feat of engineering and design. If you love the modern side of Barcelona, you will also love Contemporary Art at the MNAC. Barcelona really is a quirky mix of old and new, but it is done with such bravura and style.
Eating out in Barcelona is so easy to do. There are countless restaurants in the city, and they can all offer you traditional Spanish dishes or something more like home. They tend to be situated pretty close to shops so you can easily pop in with all your shopping bags and enjoy a really good lunch or dinner. Some of the shopping hours can be a little different here, so if you have your eye on a particular store or restaurant, look up the trading hours first.

Accommodation is plentiful in the city. You may want to check out websites like and pick out a city apartment to stay in. Apartments are great alternatives to hotels because they give you the freedom to live like you would at home. They are usually situated right in the city centre to make walking out into the heart of things really easy. Most importantly, they give you a chance to prepare some of your own meals and keep to your budget.

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