Sunday, April 19, 2015

Monopodolla dolla bills!

Good morning!
So last week I spent a really great evening with plenty of other bloggers at the Joe Blogs Network HQ and Legal & General to promote investments. Joe Blogs very cleverly took us all back to our childhoods by letting us play a very heated and fun game of Monopoly - which would have, at least for most of us, been the first time that we ever encountered the concept of investing and such.
I am not a massively competitive person, but I still got very into the game - My table had some serious Monopoly players so it was definitely a good time!
Despite being broke very early in, I held on to my Mayfair right to the end.

The evening was full of laughter and of course Prosecco and pizza!
Someone let me be banker and I managed to conceal the fact that I am terrible with quick maths for most of the game.

I think I may have been in the top three losers but the lovely Claire from our table ended up taking home second prize which is amazing!
I'm sure you will recognise a few familiar faces on my table like the lovely Hollie (Pretty Big Butterflies) and Stephanie (NerdAboutTown) and lots of new ones too! It was so great to meet new bloggers and have such a lovely evening!

Thanks  Joe Blogs Network and Legal & General for the super night!
Check out #LandGGamesnight on social medias to see more from the night!

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