Saturday, April 18, 2015

Affordable and Memorable Stay At Home Date Ideas!

In a perfect world, couples would get away from home for a couple of nights to a romantic location. Sadly, the reality for most lovers is that their busy work and social lives means they seldom have time to go off the radar for a couple of days. Yes, even on weekends too!

But all is not lost. Even if you’ve got kids in tow, it’s still possible to share some "alone time" together. After all; that’s what babysitters got invented for! Plenty of couples can spend some romantic time together at home.

Even if money is tight, it’s still possible to keep the magic of love in the air for you both. This handy guide will give you some helpful tips for inspiration:

Hire a hot tub

If the weather is good, there’s nothing better than to soak yourself in a relaxing hot tub outdoors! Imagine the scene. You and your other half are enjoying each other’s company in a hot tub. You're both drinking champagne and toasting your relationship together and having a great time.
You don’t have to worry about kids or other people disturbing you both in your garden. And you can just sit back and relax, thinking about how brilliant your home date is going! Hot tubs are cheaper to hire than buy, and it sure beats sitting in front of the TV together not talking much to each other!

Prepare a romantic meal

Before you both enjoy a soak in the hot tub you’ve hired, you’ll want to have a bite to eat. Here is your time to shine! Start by preparing the meal area. You should set the table with your best cutlery, napkins and so forth.

Create a meal that both you and your partner will love. If you need help, there are plenty of online recipe websites you can look at!

You could cheat and cook ready-made meals, but proper home-cooked ones taste much nicer. Plus, you can be more creative with how you craft each course!

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t forget the wine and champagne for your romantic meal. I recommend buying your drinks from an online wine store as they are much cheaper than grocery stores. Plus, you can buy in bulk and save some bottles for future meals together.

Turn your bedroom into a love nest

Another neat idea is to convert your abode in a love nest for you and your other half. Fit your best silk sheets, tidy your stuff away and cover your bed with rose petals. You could also install a canopy over your bed to be extra romantic!

Instead of using electrical lighting, consider adorning your bedroom with scented candles.

Not only will it add to the ambience of your evening together, your bedroom will also smell nice too!

As you can see, these are just some of the many ways you can have a romantic date at home together. And you don’t have to spend big bucks on a trip to Paris either!

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