Friday, June 12, 2015

2Plus2 Covered in Carmakoma

Hello lovelies! 
We are back again with another #2Plus2  - I told you we had loads in the pipeline! We've been so excited for this one as it's amazing! So, much like our first #2Plus2 post, Hollie from Pretty Big Butterflies and I made another trip to Evans recently to check out what was on the rails. We chose lots of lovely bits, but the item that surprised us the most was this gorgeous Carmakoma Coat
I will admit that at first glance, it didn't look amazing on the hanger but we had both seen the gorgeous Nadia Aboulhosn wearing it on her blog and thought we best try it on to be sure. I am so glad that we did! 
This coat says fashion and style regardless of how you wear it and so the idea for this post came about- with the plan of doing two looks - one dressed up and one dressed down.
I took on dressed up and Hollie took on dressed down.

I'm 5 foot 5 and Hollie is 5 foot 6 so you can see it hits perfectly below the knee. I have styled mine by tying the belt in the back to nip in the waist and show off my fancy dress. Hollie has worn hers with a casual pair of leggings and striped shirt which looks so great. 
It has this fabulous panel on the front left side that really keeps it chic - and the coat is lined with hidden buttons to keep it looking sleek.

We both loved the coat and it looks really different on our two bodies and two looks, but that's part of what makes it great! 

Katie is wearing:

Hollie is wearing:
Leggings- Evans

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