Sunday, June 21, 2015

Asos Curve - Dress Wish List

Good morning and happy Sunday everyone!
So I spent a good part of last night procrastinating on Asos Curve instead of packing my suitcase for my mini jaunt to Amsterdam today, so I thought I would share with you my current list of wants from Asos Curve and it happens to be entirely dresses. As soon as it gets warm out, I start wearing dresses as much as possible - I love the freedom and feminine look that a dress has and every single one of these dresses is super on trend. You can click on the photos directly if you want to have a look on the Asos site at them.

The first three fit right into the 70s bohemian style that is making it's comeback at the moment and they are so cute and fresh for Summer. The second three are a bit moodier - especially the epic metallic animal print dress.
I really love what Asos Curve have at the moment and really feel like I can have my pic of trends that I want to follow and be a part of.
Have you got any favourites ? I'm thinking a couple of these might be perfect for my holiday to Turkey that's coming up!

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