Monday, July 13, 2015

#AFierceStateOfMind - Hot Yoga with State of Mind

Good morning everyone!
So while I have been on holiday in Turkey, I have been working on a few blog posts to share with you all and this is one that I couldn't wait to write. If you follow me on social media you will have seen that two weeks ago I, along with my fellow brand ambassador and bestie, Hollie from Pretty Big Butterflies helped run an event for State of Mind at Fierce Grace Yoga in Old Street.

State of Mind really believes that women of all sizes should not only have great clothing to be active in but also to never let their size hold them back from being active. With this ethos in mind, they set out to organise an event that would introduce a group of plus size bloggers to hot yoga, which for almost everyone was a completely new experience.

I have been to the odd yoga class when I as younger and was never a fan and if I'm honest I'm really not a massive fan of the heat or being sweaty, so you can imagine my original worries when this event was suggested - but it's not like me to say no as I had never tried hot yoga so I decided to be positive and give it a go and I am so glad that I did.
As a plus size woman, I think I have always, despite being confident, not enjoyed being in a gym or any studio where I feel like I am being judged - it's a difficult place to be but I am pleased to say, that although the Fierce Grace studio is full of impressive, good looking yogis, I felt really welcome and comfortable in the studio.
State of Mind dressed everyone for the event, and so we all wore either the capris or joggers along with various tops. I wore my favourite top, the pink dance tunic, and capris, and was comfortable and didn't have to shift my clothing around at all during the class. I've said it before, but State of Mind bottoms are the best - they are high waisted and don't slide down when you move, even if your butt is in the air in downward dog.

We also had everyone wear their new State of Mind wrap tops, which actually look amazing on everybody - I have yet to see it not look gorgeous on someone. I have a plum one and I love wearing it both before exercising or with a skirt - as it looks so gorgeous either way.

After taking some fun photos, we went into the studio where we were met by our lovely instructor Hassan. He made us feel welcome and gave us a quick run down on what we were going to learn in the class. We started with the room being very warm, as one would expect from hot yoga, but somehow, through the sweat and heat, it was nice - my muscles felt strong and open and I was able to do most of the positions, with a few modifications here and there.
The most encouraging and wonderful thing about the class was when I took a look around and saw all these women, of different sizes pushing their boundaries, stepping out of their comfort zones and working their bodies. There was a real sense of strength and power in what we were achieving and it made me realise that this is probably what most gym goers experience and what keeps them coming back for more, but when I spend so much time worrying about silly things like not fitting in or being made fun of, I am missing out on the benefits for me. It's hard to put your surroundings out of mind and focus on you but it has to be done for you and only you.

After the class, having a shower felt like the best thing ever - washing away old stresses and feeling the salt leave my skin, leaving me feeling fresh and new.
I can't wait to attend another session, as Fierce Grace has kindly offered us a few classes so we can have another go - I think this could be the beginning of something great!
I'd love to know if you have tried yoga or hot yoga or if maybe you have suggestions of other great ways to be active too - please share in the comments!
Thanks again to State of Mind and Fierce Grace Yoga studio for the marvellous day!
Be sure to check out all of the other bloggers who attended below - their posts will be up soon! 

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