Friday, July 10, 2015

#TuscanyNominate - My 2Plus2 For Life!

Hello everyone!
So today, I am writing something a little different, it's an entry for a competition called #TuscanyNominate, to win a weekend in Tuscany run by TuscanyNow with one special person. I am nominating my blogger bestie Hollie from Pretty Big Butterflies to be that person.
It's funny how people walk into you life unexpectedly and at first it's as though there is nothing and then all of a sudden it's like they have always been there - this is how it's been with Hollie since we met just over a year ago. We first met at an event and didn't click, but the second time around we became fast friends and have never looked back!

Hollie is my partner in crime, and blogging babe sister. I love too many things about her to write them all here, but the fact that we can be at home in the evening doing whatever and still chatting via voice notes through Whatapp about absolutely nothing is amazing, and that she always checks in with me when I am down, and the way that she never forgets an important event or day and that her smile and laugh are infectious. I love her hunger to learn and explore and can't wait to see all the big places she goes! 

I am nominating Hollie as my Tuscany Getaway nomination because she is the best!
With my ever changing life, and plans to return to Canada in the somewhat near future, saying goodbye to Hollie is going to be impossible - so one last hoora and time spent away would be amazing. It would be a time to chat, prance about in our knickers, eat good food, laugh and really create memories to help make the time apart easier.

Hollie works so hard and gives to everyone even when they continue to take - she goes out of her way to make sure people are happy, and deserves something special like this trip.
I don't know what I would do without her and can't tell her enough how much I love her!
She has made me try so many new things, be more active in so many ways and to step out of my comfort zone all the time - which is amazing!  I love that we swap closets, try on all the same things when we shop and know what to say to each other always.

I am never shy to say what I think around her and know that I will always get the same from her.
It's really special in life when you find someone like Hollie and she is my friend for life, without a doubt - I know we will find ways to visit each other once I leave the UK  but this trip to Tuscany would be the ultimate friendship gift - something we could talk about forever and enjoy so much.

So Hollie B will you go with ME to TUSCANY?!?!?!

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