Thursday, July 23, 2015

Nice Nails Baby!!

Good morning gorgeous readers!
So today I bring you a super fun review about a great spot in London to get your claws done! I am big fan of having my nails all done up pretty much always but sadly my feet often get neglected.
When I was contacted by Nice Nails Baby to go and test out their new Walking On Air pedicure, I jumped at the chance! As you probably know, I am currently just back from a holiday in Turkey, so having my toes prepped for the sun and sand before was definitely a must!

I went to the salon, located downstairs from the Electric Beach across from Clapham Junction station, where there is a tidy little salon full of treatment rooms and loads of neat magazine collages on the wall. I was ushered in to a cute little room with a bench high up so my feet were easily accessible for the esthetician. 
I had my feet soaked, scrubbed, grated, scrubbed again and then pampered with a mask and cream before my nails were tidied and painted a bold shade of red.
I often think the red makes me look more tanned – I’m pretty sure that’s not true but hey whatever makes me feel better!

My esthetician was lovely, and chatty and she made me feel totally at home. We chatted about music and work and lots more but it was so nice to just have a good chat.
I was totally taken by all the acrylic nail design examples that were around. I will definitely be back to get my claws done with some serious bling. I want bows and diamonds and everything else lavish and over the top, just because I can!

How lovely do my toes look? The bottoms of my feet were soft and smooth and ready for sandals!
Nice Nails Baby gets a great review in my book and I will share my claws when I get a chance to get back to Clapham and have them done up!

I’d love to know if you have been to Nice Nails Baby! They also do lots of other treatments like waxing so you can do a one-stop shop for all your beauty musts.
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