Thursday, July 2, 2015

My Navabi Holiday Wish List!

So amidst the insanity that is my life at the moment, I am actually going on holiday next week to Turkey with my handsome fiance, Steven. I've never taken a real beach holiday before so I am looking forward to kicking back in the sun, with lots of sun cream on and my new giant sun hat and doing very little. I have been saving a book that I ordered a few weeks ago to read by another blogger, Gala Darling, called Radical Self Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dream. I'm excited to read it as I feel like it's a perfect holiday book to set my mind straight and get my life goals sorted. I also have a few bits to do on here, as I'd love to spend time pepping new and exciting things for you all!

Before I go, I have been compiling a list of things to get, which I meant to share before, but it's never too late to share good stuff, is it now!? I have been scowering the Navabi website as I am a little obsessed with Summer glam looks and so many of their designers have the most beautiful pieces.

I have many swim suits, bikinis in particular, but I like to have a variety of options and so I have chosen this gorgeous Robyn Lawley designed black one piece. From the description, it sounds like it has everything I have ever wanted in a swimsuit, like bust support, comfortable straps and interesting details like the ruching.

Next, to go with the epic swimsuit, I have chosen this gorgeous House of Magpie floral embroidered kimono. I love the tassels and the embroidering, it's all very lavish and over the top. I can imagine wearing it both poolside but then everywhere else as well - just to feel fancy and sophisticated.
We plan on spending time walking in the little town next to our hotel and maybe having a nice meal out so this dress looks perfect for an occasion like that. The floral print is beautiful and it's made of silk so light and Turkey - weather friendly!

I've never been to Turkey and as this is what feels like the first holiday where I will have an opportunity to dress up and go out, I am really looking forward to wearing all these goodies if they arrive on time! I'd love to know if you have some favourite pieces from Navabi - I love their massive selection of brands and designers - it reminds me of shopping in France.

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