Monday, September 14, 2015

My Favourite Items for Snuggling Up in Winter

Winter is coming. Ok, so it's not that close, but we've already had some cool weather, and I'm getting ready for the colder months. I don't mind winter too much, just as long as I can stay warm and dry. And the best way of doing that is obviously to wrap up well. I still want to stay stylish when the temperature drops, but sometimes comfort takes priority. I have a few favourite things that I love to snuggle into when it's cold outside. Here are my recommendations for staying warm and toasty, whether you're inside or out.


A winter coat is essential to keep you warm, but there's one thing that I like even more. Capes are great to snuggle into, and they're super stylish too. They're less restrictive than a traditional coat, so there's more room to move my arms about. Sometimes with a jacket, if you put too many layers on underneath you then can't move. You can either get a cape that you can button, zip or tie up or go for a poncho instead. With a poncho, you have to pull it over your head to surround you, instead of wrapping it around your shoulders. Both options are snuggly and warm for venturing outside.

Oversized Sweaters

There's nothing better than a huge sweater you can wrap yourself in. You can wear them inside or outside, and they feel like a massive hug. Sometimes, buying a men's sweater is even better than getting a women's one. For some reason, items like this sweater from Aran Sweaters Direct often feel more comfortable if they're made for men. You don't have to think about the shape or tailoring. It just needs to be a big, cuddly sweater that you can wear over a few other layers. A thick, knitted cardigan can be just as great too.


Fleece Hoodies

In the same vein as large sweaters, hoodies are also great for cuddling into. I love any that have a fleecy lining so that they feel soft on your skin. That means you can wear them over a t-shirt or something else short-sleeved. They're also great for throwing on over your PJs in the morning or evening when you're just lounging around the house. You might not wear one to work, but they're the best I just want to relax at home.

Blankets and Throws

These are things you definitely can't take outside with you. Everyone has seen those wearable blankets, but I prefer something a bit more stylish. When it's freezing and I'm trying to save on the heating bill, I love to get snuggled up in a blanket or a throw. But it has to be one that looks good with the rest of my decor when I'm not using it. A fleecy throw is warm, but I don't like the look of them much. I prefer a cotton or wool blanket that I can wrap around myself when I'm writing at home.

I'm not looking forward to being cold, but I can't wait to snuggle up and get warm. At least when winter arrives, I'll feel comfortable and look stylish.

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