Friday, September 4, 2015

#StyleHasNoSize Done Right

Yesterday morning, Evans launched their new #StyleHasNoSize campaign in anticipation of UK Plus Size Fashion Week which they are sponsoring.
This could have been an amazing opportunity to show the world that plus size doesn’t mean without style and to push Evans into the spotlight for being a brand that genuinely campaigns for the customer they cater to. Instead, Evans chose to take no risks, to ignore their true customer and to ultimately kill their entire campaign by featuring five beautiful women who are all in the range of a size UK16, relatively lacking in diversity with toned bodies, long hair and chiseled faces - Models.

I look at this campaign and I don’t see myself or any of my peers represented, and have a very hard time of being supportive of it. Having a revolutionary hash tag means nothing if the brand doesn’t truly believe and show their support of the community. This campaign was one that deserved to feature women of all shapes, sizes, colours and abilities and has been completely drowned in safe, standard, and “acceptable norms” that do nothing for the promotion of actual style at any size and ultimately the brand itself.
This campaign is reminiscent of the Lane Bryant #ImNoAngel campaign last year which got a similar backlash and even it featured more diversity and size in comparison.
So as a comment on this royal flop of a kick off to UK Plus Size Fashion Week, five of us (all UK based plus size fashion bloggers) got together to suggest how this campaign could have gone.
Take a look:

From left to right:
Michaela – Cardifforniagirl

We hope that Evans will see that they have missed an opportunity and are setting back the genuine movement of women having style at any size.  Take risks, showcase the beauty that you apparently see in your customers and put it out there. With so few big plus size brands on the market, you have real opportunities to be the one changes things and it’s disappointing to see you ignore them.

Let’s hope for something better next time…

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