Monday, November 2, 2015

Black and Grey and Pink All Over!

Hello everyone!
I am really excited to share this post with you for several reasons, but mainly because I have finally found another amazing pair of jeans that don't cost the earth and that are a solid black colour (although available in other colours). I was recently contact by New Look to check out their new denim and I was really glad that I accepted as I ended up trying out the high waisted skinny jeans and now they are my go to pair for both work and play.

While I was in Bournemouth a couple of weeks ago, I put together a chic but relaxed outfit of greys, blacks and pops of pink which I think is perfect for this weird cold yet not freezing weather. If there is one thing I know about this season is that you should never forget your scarf - it's a life saver.

I also have to thank Hollie (Pretty Big Butterflies) for the epic pink pointed flats as she bought them but they didn't fit right so I inherited them quite happily! I think they really tie the outfit together!

My new black High Waisted jeans are super soft and can be found at New Look! They are true to size and have stretch for comfort. My top is one of my favourite's from Navabi, as it has cute little pleather epaulettes. 

I'm sending out a big thanks to New Look for letting me participate in their denim challenge - I think you all need a pair of these jeans - they are a must for this season!

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