Wednesday, November 4, 2015

2Plus2 - Way Back Wednesday in Dots!

Good morning everyone!
So today, Hollie (from Pretty Big Butterflies), and I are sharing an old post that we somehow let fall in to the "to post" pile a while back. We both got this super cute polka dot dress from Evans * a while back and it is so cute with a peekaboo back and soft material and the cute polka dot print!

We both wore our dresses with the same shoes that we found whilst shopping in Sainsburies - what a deal. They are adorable pointed flats in black and white stripes. It was also a perfect excuse to mix and match prints.

We both wore it differently, Hollie tying hers in the back to create a more wiggle dress like silhouette, and I wore it more loose, as it was made. I really love how we can wear things differently and how nice this dress looks on both of us!

How perfect does that little knot look in the back!?

I think it's great how this dress, although very simple and inexpensive hits the spot when it comes to simple yet stylish fashion. Both Hollie and I look fab and effortless but very different!

I must admit that looking back on these photos makes me miss the ease of throwing on Summer dresses, but I am also loving my Autumn wardrobe - it's hard when we are caught between seasons like this!
What do you miss most about Summer, and what are you most enjoying about Autumn?

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