Monday, November 16, 2015

Burgundy in Bournemouth featuring Society+

Hello friends!
I can't believe how busy I  have been, but the cat is out of the bag and I am officially moving back to Canada in December with my handsome fiance, Steven! Since we decided to make this all happen, some two weeks ago, life has not stopped and I have hardly been able to sit down and share all these posts that I have saved up. 
Today I bring you one of my most favourite outfits that I call "casually dressed up" because I feel fancy in a skirt and cute shoes but have the comfort of a cool shirt on top.
This outfit was perfect for the super foggy day that Hollie and I spent in Bournemouth a few weeks ago. 

I'm sure you have seen this shirt before, and if you haven't you should definitely check out the company that sells them - they are called Society + and they are changing the plus size clothing industry in the USA and beyond. It was started by the amazing Jessica Kane, who started as a blogger and is now the proud co-owner of Society +.
This is their tshirt that says "No Edit No Shame" which I love because it's really how I feel most of the time - I don't change much, if anything in the photos on my blog, unless it's to lighten up the background or something  to make the photo better to look at it but I don't feel the need to ever change my actual appearance in photos which is amazing! 

I can also say that this shirt fits like a dream - it is soft and cut so well - it doesn't tug the way that that tshirt normally do over my bust or arms and although you can't see, it is long enough to wear with jeans but not overly bulky for wearing with a skirt like I am.

My skirt is an Asos midi skirt that is light and comfortable with great little belt loops too! I have paired it with some Primark flats, and their new Fuller Figure tights (which are epic) and a belt that I snagged at a swap many moons ago.

I'm really enjoying my bob haircut in these photos - sometimes I'm unsure about it but then I see it in photos and feel better - growing my hair is a challenge for me but I am determined to make it last!

So friends, challenge for this holiday season is to look great, feel great and always feel enough because you are all of those things!

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