Tuesday, February 10, 2015

#ToodalooKatieTravels - Packing Light...

Good morning lovelies!
So as some of you may know I am preparing to head off on a mini European adventure on Monday with my lovely Mumsy. We will be starting in Amsterdam, then heading to Prague for my birthday, then off to Rome and finally finishing 2 weeks later in  Athens. The catch to all of this is that we are, of course, doing it on a budget and flying airlines like RyanAir and Easy Jet, so will only be taking hand luggage. I know this freaks me out, as two weeks is a long time to survive on one little suitcase.

My next few posts will be all about how I plan for trips like this and what I do to limit the amount of stuff that I take.
I love travelling and have done plenty of it in my short time on this planet, so feel like I have a pretty good idea of how to make this all work - Tweet me or leave a comment if you have questions or suggestions on how you travel light!
My first post will be up shortly after this one - all about shoes and I will tell you why!

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